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Biloxi Roulette

Biloxi casinos are an integral part of Gulf Coast. In 1990 when gambling in Mississippi was awarded the legal status many casinos mushroomed all over the place. The opening of these casinos worked great for the local economy by generating lots of jobs, revenue and opportunities like never before. You would find the casinos located near waters as the law does not permit their opening on any dry land.

Biloxi Mississippi

Biloxi Mississippi has enormous gaming opportunities that you must indulge in during your visit there. "Treasure Bay" travels you back in ancient times and make you experience the olden days surrounded by pirates and hidden treasures. The Biloxi Mississippi casinos have recreated the 18th century pirate ships to give the whole ambiance a very interesting and intriguing look. The pirate ship has been beautifully detailed with huge sails and looks almost real.

They have a 4-star Poker room with 1100 slot machines along with some 50 gaming tables for their guests to have a go on. Apart from the exciting casino they have a swimming pool, sports bar and suites where you can have meetings and conferences or just retire to at the end of the day. Their microbrews are internationally famous and you may also have a fun evening with their amusing live music shows too.

The Grand Casino Biloxi

The Grand Casino Biloxi is also an integral part of the Biloxi casinos. It is an enormous complex with 20 stories and encompasses a hotel property. Although it is quite near to the casino's it is comparatively quiet and serene. Once inside a casino you would experience yourself being absorbed in the excitement buzzing all around you with massive number of players playing a wide assortment of games. The noise, energy and excitement are simply intoxicating.

They also have a royal Players Lounge that makes you feel majestic with all their services. The Poker Room is non-smoking and has many tournaments continuously going on everyday all week long. You don't need to worry if gambling is not on your list. There are many things to indulge in apart from gambling.

The Grand Theater has some renowned live shows that are a must watch. Take kids to the Grand Arcade that is a kiddie's paradise. The casinos also offer great dining options, which are a pure treat for your palate. Boomtown has an award winning buffet and its weekend brunch is also a big hit with guests.