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Methods to Cheat Online Roulette

Cheating roulette is considered to be a myth. It is likely to be so, as even Albert Einstein tried to overdo roulette but failed to do it. Although, there are many "foolproof" strategies, which are claimed to help win, and many people believe they are effective. However, is it possible to cheat online roulette? The opinions are different and arguable. The answer can be yes and no at the same time.

How to Cheat Online Roulette?

Unfortunately, it is obviously that to cheat online roulette is practically impossible, as it is completely computerized and random number generator determines the winning number. However, if you play the roulette game with the live croupier feature, there is a possibility to cheat. In order to do this, you should know a croupier, who is able to control the landing of the ball or just have a dealer, who will work for you. Then you log into the casino section of live dealer and leave some hint to make the dealer know that you were there. If you are successful in doing all these, you and your dealer will have the opportunity get winning bets and have profitability.

One more way to cheat at online roulette is more primitive and difficult as well. You can just hack the software program. Does it sound as a challenge for you? Then you should be aware about the illegality of such actions and strict punishment.

There is no method to cheat on an ordinary roulette table using mathematical approach. However, when you use a flat type of betting system to a roulette table without zeros, the percentage of house edge is about zero. This system allows you just click to activate the spinning and watch how your bankroll is continuously growing. You should remember that no one other system will guarantee you house edge of 0%.

In any case, it is important to remember that before you try any promising strategy, you shouldn't bet a big sum of money in order to avoid extra losing. One more thing to keep in your mind is that any cheating is considered to be a crime and entails a penalty.