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Las Vegas Roulette

In French the term Roulette means "The small wheel". Roulette has many variations. As per an age old legend, the Roman soldiers use to take a break between campaigns by tipping their chariots over and play spinning the chariot wheel. As per another legend the game of Roulette was brought by monks from China during the middle ages. Today Roulette is an international icon in casino games.

American Roulette

In American Roulette the wheel is split into 38 slots and numbered from 1-36 and "0" and "00". While the 0 and 00 slots are colored green the other number slots are colored black or red. The wheel is made from good quality polished wheel and the wheel is balanced on a spindle.

Spinning of the wheel is done by the dealer in any one direction and throws an ivory colored ball on it in the other direction towards the rim of the wheel. The ball keeps circling the rim and gradually loses momentum and settles on any one slot. When the ball finally settles in a slot it is considered the end of that round. The bets can be placed in various ways.

Game Play

Bets can be made by players by placing chips on the lines or in the various boxes present on the Roulette table. When the first bet is laid the "spin" button is activated. The players can place multiple bets, modify their bets or move their chips from one position to other. "Re-bet" button means the same bets that were placed earlier are repeated.

The players press the "spin" button when all the players have placed their bets. The ball starts by spinning on the rim and then falls into the centre on any slot deciding the fate of the game. There is a tally board that has on display the result of every spin and on its bottom the most recent results are displayed.

The losing bets are removed and the winning bets are paid in accordance to the table mentioned below.