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Atlantic City Roulette

Amongst the favorite gambling hot spots in USA, Atlantic City is amongst the top favorites. Along with the various interesting games to be played here, Roulette is the preferred game in Atlantic City. In fact Atlantic City boasts of having the finest Roulette tables in the world. Get the most outstanding gambling experience in Atlantic City.

Atlantic City also has American and European Roulette just like other casinos,. The difference between both the versions is just that in European Roulette there is one 0 and in American Roulette there are 2 zeros i.e. 0 and 00 on their respective wheels.

Specifics of Atlantic City Roulette

Surprisingly the Roulette rules for Atlantic City and Las Vegas are not similar. For players in Las Vegas it may not be good news but is spectacular news for players playing in Atlantic City.

In Atlantic City if your ball falls on 00 or 0 you stand to lose ½ your wager if you bet on even money. So the house edge comes down from 5.26% to 2.63%. Don't forget this advantage holds true only in case of even money bets.

A number of casinos in Las Vegas offer one 0 roulette tables that give a house edge of 2.7% on the respective roulette bets. The recurrent numbers have no fixed equation in roulette. Every spin is considered individually. The same number or same color may come up frequently too and they have no relation with the numbers and colors that have already come. The posting of the previous numbers on the roulette tables is just for the information of the players and have no relevance in the game.

Atlantic City has the infamous 00 and 0 on its roulette wheel and they come up once in every 17 spins. Comparatively in Europe the wheel has just one 0 so every number has the scope of appearing in every 37 spins.